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Statement from Finance Committee

As of the end of May the status of the sale is “Sale Agreed”.


Future of No 50 Rathgar Road

The Parish Finance Committee is an advisory committee assisting the Parish Priest in making decisions on all aspects of parish finances. One key function of the Parish Finance Committee is to ensure proper management and maintenance of Parish Property and it is in relation to that function that this information note has been prepared.

No 50 Rathgar Road was the designated residence of the parish priests of Rathgar Parish for a very long time and adjoins No 49, where our current Parish Priest, Fr Joe Mullan now lives.

Our former Parish Priest, Mgr.John Moloney, lived in No.50 for many years until he moved into a nursing home in 2012 and the house has been vacant since. Following Monsignors death in 2014, the Parish Finance Committee spent a considerable time discussing possible future uses of No 50 and, in summary, the conclusion reached was not to sell at that stage but to retain and maintain the property.

In 2015, the Committee retained the services of architect, suitably experienced in these matters, to provide the Parish with a report on the entire site comprising the Church building, the parish houses Nos 49/50, St Patricks Hall and the parish gardens associated with these buildings.

The objective of seeking such a report was to obtain professional advice on:

  1. whether there was potential to build a new presbytery at the rear of the Church to house our parish curate.
  2. whether it was advisable to seek a change of use for No.50 in order to have it converted into a Parish Centre.
  3. whether it was realistic and/or beneficial to extend St Patrick’s Hall. The outcome of that consultation was a rejection of the feasibility of building a new presbytery at the rear of the Church.   In addition, while it would be possible to extend No.50 to mixed use to accommodated a new Parish Centre, this course of action was not recommended by the architect, whose advice was that the maximum value of No 50 would be realised by the Parish by selling the property as a single residence. Taking account of that advice, the Committee arranged for No. 50 to be emptied and cleaned and since that time the house has been maintained to ensure that there would be no further deterioration.Recently Estate Agents were invited to inspect the premises and they indicated that while the building was in need of a full refurbishment, No 50 would a very attractive property to bring to the market. Accordingly, the Committee has advised the Parish Priest that No 50 should be placed on the market now and offered for sale as a single residence.  And so the question arises as to what would be the positive benefits to our Parish and to the wider mission of the Church from the proceeds of such a sale.  If No.50 Rathgar Road were to be sold, the Committee is advising that the following actions be taken in relation to the proceeds.


  1. In the first instance, the Parish should recoup the costs expended in the process to date, including the costs of clearing, repairing, maintaining and selling No 50. 
  2. A portion of the net proceeds from the sale should be allocated for charitable use in the form of a monetary disbursement to a parish or diocesan project which may be suggested by the Dublin Diocesan Finance Committee. 
  3. A significant reserve fund should be established to fund future major building works relating to the repair of the roof and general infrastructure of our church building as well as to fund necessary majot repairs to other parish property. 
  4. The remaining balance of the proceeds should be allocated to the undertaking of a schedule of  minor building works which the Commitee has identified as in need of being addressed in the coming years, including, for example, to the improvement of disabled access and toilet facilities. Other typical examples of such minor works might include:
  • Upgrading / replacing of electrical wiring and switch board.
  • Installation of smoke detectors.
  • Replacement of light fittings with new energy efficient LEDs
  • Provision of adisabled access toilet facility within the church.
  • User friendly electric entrance doors for disabled access,
  • Refurbishment of St Patricks Hall
  • Potential building of a new Parish Office
  • Upgrading of parish curates house
  • Repaving of the area at the front of the Church
  • Repainting of railings.
  • Upgrading of the Organ.



Parish Finance Committee

January 2017


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