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Parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land, October 2018

Holy Land 23-31 October 2018
Over thirty people have now signed up and paid deposits for the Parish
Pilgrimage to Holy Land this October, which will be led by Fr Joe.
Over these days of Lent, in preparation for Easter, many people make
the extra effort to read the scriptures, and pray the Stations of the
Cross.  In these different ways, people are trying to get to know Jesus
better, to follow him closer.  Would you like to walk in the actual
footsteps of Jesus?  A quote on a poster in Tiberias says “Five
gospels record the life of Jesus, four you will find in books, and one
you will find in the land they call Holy.  Read the fifth gospel and the
world of the other four will open to you”

There is a link to the itinerary, photos
and lots of information.
or on www.maptravel.ie  info@maptravel.ie  018783111

Click on this LINK.  https://maptravel.ie/tours-products/pilgrimage-holy-land-2

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