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New Envelope System for Collections

New Envelope System for Collections at Weekend Masses from June


Under a new initiative from the Parish Finance Committee, we hope to start using an envelope system, on a voluntary basis, for our basket collections at Sunday Masses from 16th June 2019.

What are the benefits of such a system and how will it work? A tax scheme exists whereby those who contribute €250 or more to a charity in a given calendar year can allow the charity claim an additional sum (equal to almost 45% of the donation) from the Revenue Commissioners.  The Revenue sends this additional sum directly to the charity concerned.  The Three Patrons Parish, Rathgar has the status of a charity for tax relief purposes, so any donation that is given to Three Patrons Parish is classified as a charitable donation.  It is important to say that there is no cost or loss incurred by any taxpayer who is willing to be part of this scheme and that confidentiality will be assured in all aspects of this process. With this envelope system in place we can then generate substantial extra revenue for our Parish at no extra cost to either the Parish or parishioners.  An information letter giving further details will be inserted into the Newsletter on Sundays 12th and 19th May, and forms are available at the back of the Church, or from the Parish Office

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