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Collectors of Offerings

On Sundays and feast days the collectors ensure that the assembly is facilitated in making its monetary offering to the Lord.

“it is not the gift that I value most, what I value is the interest that is mounting up in your heavenly account. Phil 4:17

Role in our Lives

Collections for the poor and needy are ancient traditions in the life of the Christian Community. The collections help remind us of those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

In our Parish, the first collection at each mass is for the upkeep of the Priests. The second collection is generally the “Share” collection for the less well off parishes in the diocese. The second collection can be replaced occasionally with collections for diocesan charities.


Other beneficiaries of the collections
Diocesan Agencies


Recent Notices for This Group

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Statement from Finance Committee

As of the end of May the status of the sale is “Sale Agreed”.


Future of No 50 Rathgar Road

The Parish Finance Committee is an advisory committee assisting the Parish Priest in making decisions on all aspects of parish finances. One key function of the Parish Finance Committee is to ensure proper management and maintenance of Parish Property and it is in relation to that function that this information note has been prepared.

No 50 Rathgar Road was

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