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Ministry of the Eucharist

Ministers of the Eucharist are called to participate in the distribution of Holy Communion during the Liturgy. They also bring Communion to members of the Parish who are housebound.

“In all truth I tell you it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, it is my father who gives you the bread from heaven the true bread” Jn 6:32.

Role in our Lives

The Ministers of the Eucharist remind us that we are the body of Christ each time we approach to receive Communion.

In our Parish, the Ministers are trained in the understanding of the Ministry. They participate in the liturgy of the Mass and bring Communion to the housebound and the sick.

How to prepare, participate, give

The call to serve in this Ministry is open to all parishioners. The Ministers are sent from a celebration of the Eucharist to bring Communion to the sick and the housebound.

Person to contact

Noel Murphy

Tel: 01 4972215

Email: 3patrons@eircom.net


Guidelines and insights for Ministers of the Eucharist
An Irish insight

An American approach

Recent Notices for This Group

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Text of John Purcell’s Speech at Fr Joe’s Farewell

Good evening everybody,

 For those of you who may not know me, I am John Purcell Chairman of the Parish Finance Committee and I would like to add my own ‘cúpla focail’ to Jackie Ryan’s fine words of tribute to Fr Joe at the Mass of Thanksgiving earlier.

 It is wonderful to see so many parishioners here, joining in this farewell celebration. The credit for organizing tonight’s event rests with Jackie Ryan, Jackie Hearne, Cepta Lyons and Monica Byrne.

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