Other Parish Buildings

Parish Hall

St. Patrick’s Hall, Leicester Ave, Rathgar is the parish hall. It was added to the church in 1979. It was built from insurance money received when the Tranquilla schools, established by the Carmelite nuns in 1854 and the only catholic school in the parish, were burnt down circa 1976.

The hall is used extensively in conjunction with children’s special liturgy, the hospitality and outreach committee and the parish ministries.

Person to Contact

Parish Office 01 4972215
Email: 3patrons@eircom.net

The Parish Offices

There are two offices located within the church. At the back of the church on the left side the parish pastoral office is sited. This is used by the parish pastoral worker Jackie Hearne Tel: 4972215. Cepta Lyons, the pastoral assistant, also uses this office.

In the middle of the church on the left side the parish secretarial office is sited. This office is used by the Parish Accounts Administrator the Parish, Tel: 4972215.

St. Bridget’s room is next to the sacristy adjacent to St. Patrick’s Hall. This room, also, is used for meetings.

The flower room is used by the altar society and is located directly facing the sacristy at the top left hand side of the church.

Person to Contact

Cepta Lyons, Pastoral Assistant,  Tel: 4972215

The Parish Centre, 52 Grosvenor Road, Rathgar was purchased by the Parish in 1950. It was bought from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, with a loan of £2,000 (€2,500)

Previously the centre was a Synagogue. The youth club of the Parish has priority for the use of the centre.

The Centre is extensively used for religious instruction classes and for parish organisations and outreach activities.


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