Movable Feasts

These celebrations are not fixed to dates in the calendar but rather to stages of the liturgical year. With the exceptions of Ash Wednesday and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all of these feasts occur on Sundays. These feasts are rooted in the living Christian tradition.

They include:

First Sunday of Advent (Christian New Year) – Late November or early December
Holy Family – Sunday after Christmas day
Baptism of our Lord – First Sunday of Ordinary time (January)
Ash Wednesday – 40 days before Easter
Easter Sunday – 1st Sunday after the first full moon after 21st March
The Ascension of the Lord – The Sunday before Pentecost
Pentecost Sunday – 50 days after Easter
Holy Trinity – The Sunday after Pentecost
Body and blood of Christ – The 2nd Sunday after Pentecost
The Sacred Heart of Jesus – 30th May
Christ the King – The last Sunday of the liturgical year. Mid to late November

“Let heaven fill your thoughts. Do not think only about things down here on earth……your real life is hidden with Christ in God……” Col 3:2-4.

Role in our lives

These feasts highlight the beginning and end of the seasons in our Christian year and celebrate the core of our Christian faith.

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