The Church of The Three Patrons


The Church of the Three Patrons Rathgar was built following the donation of £2,000 by a wealthy Catholic parishioner. He had been persuaded by the argument that the servants in Rathgar ‘found it a great hardship’ to attend mass in Rathmines due to the short time allocated to them for that purpose. A further £4,650, was raised from the “humbler classes” from their small income and from private fund raising. In the early days it used to be called ‘the Maids’ Church’ or the ‘Servants’ Church’. The foundation stone was laid on St Patrick’s Day 1860.

The Church was dedicated to the Three Patron saints of Ireland – St. Patrick, St. Bridget, and St. Columba – on the 18th May 1862 as a chapel-of-ease of Rathmines. The primary purpose was to fulfil the spiritual needs of many Catholic domestic servants working in the large homes in the Rathgar area.

Our three patrons inspire us for the Christian life:

Patrick – by the power of his evangelisation

Bridget – by her ministry of hospitality

Columba – by his great love for people and for all living creatures

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