Family Mass – Sunday 10.30am

Each Sunday from the beginning of September to the end of June the celebration of the Mass is tailored to enhance the participation of family members of all ages.

In our Parish, we invite families but everyone is welcome and children are encouraged to be particularly involved by:

  1. Singing in the Choir or playing a musical instrument
  2. Reading the word of God and prayers of the Faithful
  3. Being part of the special liturgy for Children during Lent and Advent
  4. Being part of the special re-enactments of important liturgical events such as the Nativity Play and the Palm Sunday Procession.
  5. Bringing the gifts to the altar
  6. Participating in the “Do this in memory” programme. This programme aims to help parishioners become more actively involved in the preparation for the sacraments of first Reconciliation and first Holy Communion. The programme consists of special liturgy, for first Holy Communion children and their families, and it forms part of the family mass on ten Sundays of the year.

Please contact our Pastoral Worker, Jackie Hearne,

at:  01 4972215 for further information.

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