Getting Married in Church

Getting Married in Three Patrons Parish

When a couple have become engaged and wish to plan a Church wedding we invite you to make initial contact with the parish office, 01-4972215.

A meeting will then be arranged to give you the opportunity to meet with the Parish Priest to discuss your plans.

Families are welcome to invite a priest friend or family member to celebrate the wedding ceremony.

The usual way in which we prepare for marriage is a five step process:

1. An initial meeting with the priest and couple to discuss marriage as a sacrament and the needs of the couple.

2. A meeting to prepare the Pre Nuptial Enquiry, this is a pastoral conversation that ensures that all things necessary for marriage are in place.

3. A meeting to prepare the Liturgy, the Nuptial Rite can be celebrated within a Eucharistic or as a separate sacrament.

4. A Rehearsal at a convenient time close to the wedding.

5. Finally the wedding celebration.


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